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Your Varsity Uniform Rep is your number one resource for all of your cheerleading needs – uniforms, camps & competitions. Your rep can help you pick a uniform, schedule a fitting, answer billing questions, and sign you up for camp!

Varsity All Star

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Varsity All Star
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For General Questions & Concerns

**If you have questions related to your uniforms or other apparel needs, please contact your Varsity All Star Fashion Specialist or Customer Service.


If you have questions that are brand specific, please refer to the Varsity brand contact information below:
All Star Challenge All Star Challenge
(877) 997-9599
All Things Cheer All Things Cheer
(865) 777-6844
Aloha Spirit Championships Aloha Spirit Championships
(541) 929-2594
America's Best Championships America's Best Championships
(866) 611-2526
American Cheer Power American Cheer Power
(800) 500-0840
American Cheerleaders Association American Cheerleaders Association
(800) 316-8815
Athletic Championships Athletic Championships
(865) 777-6830
Cheer LTD Cheer LTD
(800) 477-8868
Cheerlebrity Cheerlebrity
(865) 777-4472
COA Cheer & Dance COA Cheer & Dance
(866) 611-2526
Coastal Cheer & Dance Coastal Cheer & Dance
(866) 611-2526
Encore Championships Encore Championships
(865) 777-4472
Feel the Power Feel the Power
(800) 921-0282
GLCC Events GLCC Events
(866) 611-2526
Golden State Spirit Association Golden State Spirit Association
(541) 929-2594
JAMfest JAMfest
(866) 611-2526
Just Dance Just Dance
(866) 611-2526
(866) 611-2526
Mid Atlantic Championships Mid Atlantic Championships
(541) 929-2594
National Cheerleaders Association National Cheerleaders Association
National Dance Alliance National Dance Alliance
One Up Championships One Up Championships
(865) 966-7796
Pacific Allstar Championships Pacific Allstar Championships
(800) 921-0282
PacWest PacWest
(352) 371-0775
Premier Athletics Premier Athletics
(865) 671-6333
PURE Choreography PURE Choreography
(865) 777-6848
Spirit Celebration Spirit Celebration
(214) 943-9533
Spirit Cheer Spirit Cheer
(352) 371-0775
Spirit Festival Spirit Festival
(865) 777-7097
Spirit Sports Spirit Sports
(865) 777-6850
Spirit Xpress Spirit Xpress
(800) 286-4219
The American Championships The American Championships
(800) 462-8294
The Groove Experience The Groove Experience
(865) 777-6848
The Summit The Summit
The U.S. Finals The U.S. Finals
(866) 611-2526
The Urban Cheerleading ExperienceThe Urban Cheerleading Experience
United Spirit Association United Spirit Association
Universal Cheerleaders Association Universal Cheerleaders Association
Universal Dance Association Universal Dance Association
Universal Spirit Universal Spirit
(704) 847-4872
World Spirit Federation World Spirit Federation
(865) 777-7097